March 20th, 2014

Healthy Heart Clinics 2014


Attend our Healthy Heart Clinic and during a 45-minute one-on-one consultation, our Patient Care Pharmacist will assess your likelihood of developing heart disease, discover factors that put you at risk and discuss how to minimize these risks.



A finger prick blood sample will be necessary. There is a $20 fee for this service, however a tax deductible receipt will be issued.


February 24th, 2014

Diabetes & Your Nutrition Clinics 2014



April 17th, 2014

You’re not as old as you think you are . . . 4 myths about aging



Family physician and popular columnist Dr. Davidicus Wong, joined a panel discussion at the April 4th Dialogue on Aging Public Presentation Series and Geriatric Services Conference, presented by Tapestry Foundation and sponsored by London Drugs.  He shared these unique perspectives on getting older and important myths about aging.


April 12th, 2014



Shingles is a painful condition caused by reactivation of the virus that causes chicken pox—varicella zoster. After you’ve had chickenpox, the virus remains dormant in the nerve tissue near your spinal cord and brain but may later reactivate as shingles.

April 8th, 2014

A Protein Primer

Whey? Hemp? Soy? Pea?


Protein powders are produced from many different sources. How to tell which is right for you.

April 3rd, 2014

Are your feet as healthy as you are?


Athlete’s foot (also known as tinea pedis) is a fungal infection that affects moist areas of the feet, particularly between the toes. It is the most common type of fungal infection of the human body and is closely associated with the fungal infections known as jock itch and ringworm.

April 1st, 2014

Spring time and allergies

woman-sneezingNow that spring has sprung, so have allergies.

A recent News1130 article says, itchy eyes and a scratchy throat are the issues many people are dealing with during this first week of spring, and it’s all thanks to seasonal allergies.

“It seems that ever year gets progressively longer and worse for allergies; this year, it seems to be starting sooner than I can remember,” says pharmacist Pindy Janda with London Drugs. “We’ve actually seen an increase in prescription drugs for allergies as early as mid-February,” she adds.

Janda tells us many people mistakenly think they are fighting yet another cold.

“We’re still in that transition period between winter and spring. We don’t have conventional weather, per se… we do get a confusion between the two. Our job as a pharmacist is to talk through the symptoms with the patients and see how long they’ve had them.”

If you are not sure of what you are dealing with, it’s probably a good idea to visit a doctor or pharmacist, who may go over your medical history.

“We usually do recommend an antihistimine because that usually covers most of the symptoms. It’s usually once-a-day dosing and it’s non-drowsy. But we will ask them… what they’ve used in the past because some patients will build up tolerance to the one they have been using,” says Janda.

If you think you may be suffering from seasonal allergies, speak with your doctor or London Drugs pharmacist.


March 25th, 2014

Rock your socks

Socks: They’re a staple of our wardrobes and come in various colours and shapes. Recently, socks have taken on a sophistication that can be bewildering if you’re not a card-carrying “sockologist.” From dress socks to casual socks, therapeutic socks to spa socks, our stores carry an impressive range from functional to fashion. Read on…

Socks can play an important role in preventing and ameliorating health conditions. Therapeutic socks include those that improve circulation and swelling, socks that help prevent travel-weary legs and deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and socks specially designed for people with diabetes.


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