October 1st, 2013

The New Kids (Supergrains) on the Block – Freekeh and Teff


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With reminders posted everywhere, from that box of cereal on your breakfast table to the newspaper you’re reading while eating it, most of us already know that whole grains help support a balanced, healthy diet1. But, while traditional whole grains such as oatmeal, whole wheat bread and brown rice are already finding their way into your shopping cart, consider reaching for a new-to-you whole grain, such as amaranth, buckwheat, teff, or freekeh. Here’s why:

From Whole Grains…

Let’s start with a refresher on grains, shall we? A grain contains three parts: endosperm, bran and germ. Whole grains, such as buckwheat, corn, rice, and wheat, contain all three parts of the grain, while refined grains, such as white flour and white rice, only contain the endosperm, with the bran and germ mechanically removed. While the bran and germ deliver a heartier, sometimes denser product, when compared to their light and fluffy refined counterpart, their nutrient profile is far superior. Without the bran and germ you lose essential vitamins, minerals and fiber, all very important to maintaining a healthy diet.2

…To Supergrains

Just when we thought whole grains were the best choice, along came “supergrains.” These grains go above and beyond in the nutrition department, and are offer not only nutrients but a variety of health benefits, thanks to their high fiber and low-glycemic index level3. Let’s take a closer look at two that are showing recent rise in popularity: teff and freekeh


What it is:
Native to Ethiopia and Eritrea, teff is an extremely tiny member of the genus Eragrostis (lovegrass) grain. Teff thrives in harsh weather conditions, through flood and drought alike, at sea level and altitudes upwards of 3000 meters. Thanks to its ability to thrive and at various climates, this crop is now grown everywhere from the mountains of Idaho, to the dry lands of India, to the wet Netherlands4.

Why it’s super:

Because this grain is so tiny, it cannot be processed or refined, meaning it’s always eaten in whole grain form.And, despite their tiny size, each kernel offers a big nutritional bite. Teff is high in calcium and vitamin C, as well as resistant starch – a type of dietary fiber proven to help maintain blood sugar levels, benefit colon health, and support healthy weight management.6

Try it tonight:

Ethiopian teff is commonly used as an edible plate in the form of a large crepe-like pancake called Injera. Its light, slightly sweet taste makes teff flour a great swap for white flour for homemade crepes, or in your pancake batter. When not ground, teff has a similar consistency to poppy seeds and is great when sprinkled on top of soups and salads for a nutritional boost! And, those with celiac disease can also enjoy, as this grain is also gluten-free!7


What it is:
Native to the Middle East, this supergrain is actually derived from wheat, but harvested when the crop is green and under-ripe, then roasted and dried before processing. By harvesting at this young stage the highest nutritional profile is captured.8

Why it’s super:

In terms of protein and calories, ounce for ounce, this grain is quite similar to quinoa, but yields a slightly higher content of each per serving. However, while protein and calories per serving may be almost equivalent to quinoa, this grain offers twice the fiber, a nutrient important for digestive health, heart health, and weight management.9

Try it tonight:

Swap freekeh for pasta in your next salad dish, use in place of rice or quinoa for your favorite pilaf, or stir into your favorite soup. Do take note that while teff is a gluten-free food, freekeh is not.

About Kim McDevitt

As a registered dietitian and Regional Educator with Vega, Kim has a passion for teaching the power of nutrient dense, plant based foods. She helps her audiences to understand health in an approachable way–with plenty of laughter and stories. As a runner, with advanced degrees in both nutrition science and public health, Kim loves to inspire others through her creative recipes, personal experience, and engaging training events.

Contributed content by Vega’s Nutrition Team whose mission is to be inspirational industry leaders to actively improve knowledge of the plant-based lifestyle. Since 2001, Vega has established itself as the leader in the plant-based natural health and performance products industry. Formulated by Brendan Brazier, vegan former professional Ironman triathlete and creator of Thrive Forward, the Vega brand is internally recognized. For more information, please visit www.myvega.com

September 5th, 2013

Omega-3 Fats: Fish or Flax?

After years of thinking “fat” is unhealthy it is refreshing to learn some fats are not only healthful but essential! So it is with omega-3 fats. Scientists use the term omega-3 to describe the chemical make-up of the fat. As eaters, we are more interested in why omega-3s are good for us and what they look like on our dinner plate.

shutterstock_111147896Omega-3s are healthy fats because they help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, and may reduce the risk of cancer and arthritis. These anti-inflammatory fats are also essential for development of the brain and nervous system and may help improve memory and manage depression.

August 9th, 2013

Hypertension & Sodium

shutterstock_98345939Hypertension (also called high blood pressure) affects upwards of 40% of people around the world.  In fact, the World Health Organization states hypertension is one of the most serious chronic diseases affecting mankind today.

Hypertension is serious because it can lead to a variety of problems, including stroke, heart disease and kidney failure. Hypertension is also found commonly in people who have diabetes. READ MORE

July 3rd, 2013

London Drugs trainer co-authors diabetes cookbook

DiabetesPreventionCookbookWorldwide, 8.3% of people have diabetes, and another 6.4% have prediabetes. In Canada, approximately one in four people has either diabetes or prediabetes. It is one of the most common non-contagious diseases and is a health crisis around the globe. By 2030 it’s estimated that 552 million people will have diabetes.

Diabetes is dangerous. If left uncontrolled it can cause kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, blindness, amputation and an early death. There is no cure for diabetes, but following a healthy eating plan, exercising regularly, managing stress and understanding your medications can help you live a balanced life with this disease. “The Diabetes Prevention and Management Cookbook” is a perfect blend of information, advice and recipes to help achieve this balanced lifestyle. READ MORE

March 4th, 2013

Book your skin cholesterol test today!

Skin Cholesterol Clinic 2013

In Canada, there are more than 70,000 heart attacks every year—1 in every 7 seconds, according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. A quick, first-step to determining your risk of coronary artery disease (CAD) is with a unique skin cholesterol test available exclusively in Western Canada at London Drugs. READ MORE

October 18th, 2012

NEW Skin Cholesterol Test Clinics

Special introductory price: $19.99

High skin cholesterol is strongly associated with coronary artery disease. While skin cholesterol isn’t the same as blood cholesterol, it is still an indication of cholesterol build-up in the arteries. Our skin cholesterol test is a proactive screening option that is fast, painless and provide instant results. Most importantly, no fasting is required.

 It’s available at select London Drugs locations. Call today to book an appointment!

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W 42nd Ave, Kerrisdale, Vancouver Thurs, Nov 1 10am to 6pm 604.263.1811
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August 13th, 2012

London Drugs is first to launch new non-invasive skin cholesterol test – PreVu® – in Canada

Pilot program planned for Vancouver and Lower Mainland Pharmacy locations.

Miraculins Inc., a medical diagnostic company focused on acquiring, developing and commercializing diagnostic tests and risk assessment technologies for unmet clinical needs, announces today an agreement with London Drugs, one of Canada’s leading pharmacy chains, and Pear Healthcare Solutions, that will see the retail pharmacy launch of its PreVu® Non-Invasive Skin Cholesterol Point of Care (POC) Test take place in up to ten London Drugs’ locations in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, planned for October 2012.


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