March 25th, 2014

Rock your socks

Socks: They’re a staple of our wardrobes and come in various colours and shapes. Recently, socks have taken on a sophistication that can be bewildering if you’re not a card-carrying “sockologist.” From dress socks to casual socks, therapeutic socks to spa socks, our stores carry an impressive range from functional to fashion. Read on…

Socks can play an important role in preventing and ameliorating health conditions. Therapeutic socks include those that improve circulation and swelling, socks that help prevent travel-weary legs and deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and socks specially designed for people with diabetes.

Work and travel socks

therapyplusworkandtravelTherapy Plus® Work and Travel socks have a number of features that help people whose vocations mean a long time spent standing, and/or who travel. Standing or sitting for long periods can result in the pooling of fluids around the ankles. This can cause discomfort, itchiness and an aching sensation. Therapy Plus® Work and Travel Socks have a non-binding cuff. They actively massage the legs to promote blood flow; reduce swelling, and are both comfortable and stylish. Added antimicrobial agents promote lasting freshness.

Graduated compression socks

socksTherapy Plus® Graduated Compression Socks provide therapeutic support for aching and/ or swollen legs. These socks are popular with air travellers because they help prevent DVT. After long periods of remaining still, especially in the sitting position, the deeper veins of the legs can become compressed, narrowed, or blocked. This makes it difficult for the blood to travel back to the heart. The formation of a blood clot within the deep veins results in partial or complete blockage of blood flow in the vein. This can be fatal if the clot breaks away, travels to the lungs, and causes pulmonary embolism. Compression socks—and stockings—are elasticized and so put pressure on the veins, helping improve the flow of blood back to the heart. In turn, this reduces swelling and tiredness. Therapy Plus® Graduated Compression Socks help improve circulation and mild swelling; relieve tired, aching legs, and provide therapeutic support for prevention of DVT. They have a comfort knee band, and non-restricting reinforced heel and toe pockets for comfortable fit.

Socks for diabetes

TherapyPlusDiabetesIf you have diabetes, you may have sensitive skin and skin issues caused by restricted blood flow in the smaller blood vessels. Therapy Plus® Diabetic Care socks have a nonbinding band and are non-elasticized to promote comfort. Designed with a cushioned sole and a non-irritating toe seam, they are also impregnated with antimicrobial agents to promote lasting freshness. Since they are frequently worn all day, dress and casual socks need to be comfortable, and look good.

Women’s dress/casual socks

Secret women's socks Secret® women’s bamboo rayon dress socks are perfect under pants or inside boots. Since bamboo rayon retains its shape, these socks do not stretch out in the wash and generally last longer than cotton socks. Soft and luxurious, they have a reinforced toe and contain 2 per cent spandex. They are available in packs of two pairs.

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