January 6th, 2014

Don’t underestimate the benefits of quitting smoking

Hister_Art_07This one is really a no-brainer (which is why, my wife said, I’m the perfect guy to write it; you should ignore her comments, as I try to do very often).

If you smoke and you had to make one lifestyle adjustment that would provide the maximum benefit to your future health (never mind adding to the health of everyone you spend any time with), nothing comes even close to offering you the life-enhancing benefits than stopping your smoking habit.

I want to make that point because I still get emails from smoker asking me what vitamins (or whatever is the current rage, especially anything featured by Dr. Oz) they should take to counteract the negative health effects of their smoking.

So, dudes, here’s the simple answer: the best vitamin to take is the one that stops you from smoking.


And it can be done.

So although studies tell us that some smokers need 6 or 8 or even 10 attempts before they are successful, we also know that the majority of smokers who want to give it up eventually succeed.

So with the start of a New Year, attend a Smoking & Cessation Clinic with your London Drugs Patient Care Pharmacist – they can help you choose a stop-smoking plan that works for you, set a date (soon!), and go for it. Contact your local pharmacy to book an appointment.

If you don’t succeed on that attempt, re-set the goalposts.

Trust me on this: you will eventually get there and your friends will thank you, your colleagues will thank you, your family will thank you, and I thank you on behalf of the plane.

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